Peloponnesian War Research Paper

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The Peloponnesian War was fought between the two major city-states in ancient Greece which were Athens and Sparta. Sparta began to fear Athens's growing power. Athens controlled majority over most of the Mediterranean region along with Greece which helped to incite the war. They soon became a supreme power and drove Persians out from their regions and heavily occupied a large number of territories. It is common knowledge that the Spartans were victorious over the Athenians in the Peloponnesian war. Based on the circumstances and events that took place during this war, I believe that the Athenians could have been the victors. If the Athenians were adequately prepared and handled certain situations in a different manner, there would have been a different outcome. The war had 3 different parts. These were the Archidamian War, The Sicilian war and the Decelean War. The war began in 431 B.C. when a surprise attack was launched on an ally of Athens. The war eventually ended in 400 B.C., Athens surrendering. This war altered the Greek condition. The Athenian empire became essentially slaves…show more content…
If Sparta then decided to respond to this rebellion a huge war could have taken place. Even though they crushed this rebellion, when Athens saw this act of aggression through rebellion by one of their allies, they should have been prepared for other acts of aggression to occur. After Athens made an alliance with an enemy of Corinth, they jeopardized trade in the major cities. Corinth encouraged Sparta to prepare for war. Such foolish acts by Athens should have been backed up with conflict preparation. These type of events should have hinted Athens to be prepared for conflict being that they were the aggressors along with their allies. In taking such actions Athens should have been greatly prepared to handle any type of altercations soon to

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