Spongebob Squarepant: Bad Influence On Children

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Some parents complaint that their children facing the short-term attention and learning problem after watching SpongeBob squarepant. This problem also prove by a test, there are 60 children just watch a 9minutes of SpongeBob squarepant and they are given a mental function tests, and those who were tasked with watching the undersea fry cook did far worse than the other children. SpongeBob squarepant animated series are targeting the children from age 6 to 11. The children in this age normally starting to learn and easy to be influenced by other things. So that, there are no moral value to be learn in this animated but will give a bad influence to children. For example, a. Stingy-Mr Krab the boss of SpongeBob squarepant,it is a stingy character. Inside the animated, Mr Krab very love money even 1 dollar, it also can crazy for it. In one of the episode, MrKrab use SpongeBob squarepant trade with a ghost just for 1 dollar. b.…show more content…
Lazy-Patrick star best friend of SpongeBob squarepant. Patrick starts an important character inside this cartoon and love by many children. But it is a lazy character. In this animation, Patrick star is the only one character without any job or work. c. Thief-there is a bad character inside this cartoon which is Plankton. It always try to stole the secret recipe of Krabby Party (burger) from Mr Krab although it always lose to Mr krab. Sometime in this cartoon, the character will come out with words liked “stupid” and “jerk”. Because of those reason, it doesn’t the parents happy when their children watch this animation Add new character to this animation. Because this animation already very well-known, and the characters inside the animation also very familiar to everyone who watch this animation. To maintain the freshness of this animation, and to avoid the audience start boring to watching this animation, the company should add some new characters into this animation to increase the humor and it also will make the animation more fun. ii.

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