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Working at McDonald’s Summary In Working at McDonald’s, Amitai Etzioni describes reasons why teenagers do not benefit from McDonald’s kind of employment. He is strongly against part time jobs because they interfere with school attendance and involvement. Etzioni thinks that it does not impart the skills necessary for future life. It confuses the values of teenagers as well and specifically when it comes to the economic value of money. That is what Etzioni thinks when it comes to part time jobs. Etzioni views McDonald’s as a location that is highly un-educational to be working in. Teen jobs are controlled and mechanized because opportunities for entrepreneurship, self-supervision, self-discipline, and self scheduling are provided. Etzioni’s…show more content…
The author, Etzioni, emphasizes on three consequences of teenager’s working part time jobs and where it interferes with education, does not teach new skills, and warps values and work ethics. Etzioni describes the fundamental nature of part time employment for teenagers. Teen employment is the traditional way of teaching “self-reliance, work ethics, and nurturing productivity in young people” which is stated in the article. In addition, Etzioni highlights the positive effects of teen employment in the form of raising money for college for poor students. The article is partial in the arrangement of the pros and cons in part time…show more content…
For example, he states that, according to studies, a third of America’s high school students have part time jobs. This is a statistical statement, and the expectation that the author provides the source in the form of an in text citation. In a different example, Etzioni describes the nature of teen jobs in fast food employment, stating that a third of the fast food employees, 14 to 17 years, work more than 30 hours every week. He provides a bunch of other statistical statements, as well, regarding the issue of labour. Etzioni describes the need for school work-study programs and states that only 10 percent of existing schools provide credit for involvement in such work programs. Again, this is a hanging statistic without any citation to justify it. Without a citation and reference, it is impossible to look up additional evidence from the relevant

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