HN299-01: Associates Capstone For Human Services

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Vanesa Villanueva HN299-01: Associates Capstone for Human Services Professor: Angelique Spruill Unit 9 Project Reflection Paper: Family Worker In the human services profession it is important to have a very broad knowledge of the profession and the skills that are needed. This is known as a generalist practice. It is important so we are able to help with a wide range of situations and issues. With this being said many human service professionals do work in specialized areas of interest. There are many different common intervention strategies that one will need to know in order to become a successful human service professional. Like all professions in the human services field, family workers have an ethical code of conduct.…show more content…
Confidentiality must be your main priority. Confidentiality is put in place to protect the family and their information. To give surety that we are protecting the family’s privacy we must obtain consent during the intake process. The families will sign an informed consent form as well as a release of information form. An informed consent is when you first meet with a client and you explain in detail how will the information that they share with you be handled and before making a referral to an outside agency you explain to them what information will be given to that agency. By doing this the families have been informed of what type of information will be used for the referral process. We must also explain to the families that the release of information form will state exactly what information will be given to the outside agency. You as the family worker are responsible for going over this form with the families to make sure that they comprehend what is stated on the form. Lastly the number one rule to protect the family’s confidentiality is to not share any information with friends, family members, or co-workers. In the case when it is necessary to converse with co-workers about one of your family’s, one can only share the necessary information when asking for advice on how to come up with a solution for that family’s and we must remember not to use names. In some…show more content…
There are several different ways that a family worker can accomplish this. We must make sure that we keep updated contact information like phone numbers, addresses and email addresses for each family. An appointment can be set up for the family to come into the office and the family worker can inform the family about the types of services available and what referrals will be made. In order to track the success of the referral the family worker can call the client as well as the agency to where the referral was made to, to check in. A different way to track a referral is to set up an appointment with the family to discuss how the referral is progressing. This way you are able to assess how the family is feeling about the referral and see if the family is in need of additional

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