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INNOVATION IN ENGINEERING As a student of biomedical engineering I am particularly interested in the field of medical devices, which can aid and improve human healthcare especially in certain situations such as organ transplantation. There are many difficulties that can present themselves during the process of organ donation and transplant. Apart from having to source and acquire an organ from another person, there are many unpredictable circumstances that may arise, and can lead to organ rejection. Before the organ is even transplanted into the receiving patient’s body there is a huge risk involving the time taken for the organ to be transported from one body to the other, for example both the heart and lungs have a maximum permissible time…show more content…
In Europe its use is proving to be highly sensitive in identifying hearts with underlying diseases, such as cocaine scarring, which would make them unsuitable because surgeons can now use the extra time the system gives them to carry out detailed examination of donated hearts for potential rejection factors. The machine could potentially be used to resuscitate hearts that have stopped beating. This new technology also has potential for other organs as working prototypes are being developed for kidneys, liver and lungs (Gwynne, 2015). No challenge in medicine can be more urgent than the devising of new approaches for replacing organs. Technology is becoming a bigger participant in perfecting organ donation. This approach may lead to development of further new technologies and visions, the pursuit of which could provide new strategies to replacing organ function (Cascalho et al, 2015). Although the concept is still experimental, researchers have shown that it may one day be possible to use 3D printing to produce replacement tissues and organs (Sifferlin, 2015). Biomedical engineering has evolved at a fast rate over recent years in response to advancements in science and technology. The Organ Care Systems are only the beginning of many further developments and I look forward to witnessing all the great innovations in this field in the future. “The best way to predict the future, is to create it” – Peter Drucker. References

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