Explain What Selection Procedure Do Companies Use During The Hiring Process

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Question 4: What selection procedure do companies use during the hiring process? Answer: The first phase is recruitment and second phase is the selection. When companies got a list of qualified candidates who can perform well at jobs through recruitment process, then selection phase is started. The basic steps of selection procedure used by the companies are: 1. Application forms and Resumes: The candidates are asked to fill the application forms provided by the companies with relevant information. At the same time candidates are also asked to provide/submit their resumes. Both application forms and resumes have similar information about the candidates. There are no fix formats of application forms, instead of this each company design its own application form and fill the information in their own system of human resource management. 2. References and Background Checks: Reference and background checks are used by the companies to get ensure about the provided information (e.g. education level, previous job titles, experiences etc) by…show more content…
The questions are asked suddenly, differ crosswise over candidates, and the reactions are not assessed in any predictable way. Unstructured interviews are substantially more easygoing and unrehearsed. They rely on upon free streaming discussion which tends to concentrate on your own qualities as they identify with the work. Questions about abilities and qualities can be inquired. On the other hand, a structured interview incorporates behavioral questions that depend on an intensive analysis of the job prerequisites and achievement characteristics. All candidates are asked similar questions and their reactions are evaluated in an institutionalized way against job-particular criteria utilizing a foreordained scorecard. These elements help to build up a reasonable connection between execution at the interview and execution at work. They additionally limit bias amid the assessment

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