Spirited Away

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In the film Spirited Away Hayao Miyazaki paints a picture of growing up in an elegant and riveting manner. As our heroine, Chihiro, travels down this intense and, at times, unnerving path she displays her growing maturity and blossoming ability in many ways, from her changing behaviour to her evolving body language, even the way that she speaks changes significantly. Her journey is not only through this magically terrifying world, but is also expressing how at this age, every little girl turns into a strong, brave young woman. Through the film, we see Chihiros body language change and develop from that of a weak, scared ten year old girl, to a strong and brave young woman. As a high angle shot is shown of Chihiros cowering, shivering and hunched form by the river as the ferry comes in, we are shown a terrified and vulnerable little girl who (rightly so!) isn’t able to deal with the challenges and issues thrown at her. This is put sharply in contrast to the scene in which Chihiro is in Yubabas office, demanding a job. Even though Yubaba is incredibly stubborn…show more content…
From the start of the film, behaving like a sullen, whiny child complaining to her parents about moving house and her flowers wilting “one rose isn’t a bouquet” she asserts, sounding ungrateful and difficult, when all her parents are trying to do is make her happy. Her character progresses to the end of the film when she behaves in an utterly fearless and admirable way by proclaiming that none of the pigs are her parents and that she will not accept what Yubaba is saying. Even then she doesn’t feel the need to add any tone to her voice, she just quietly says “there must be a mistake, none of these are my parents”, breaking the spell and sending her whole family home. This shows that she is no longer the girl be the dock, but a completely different young

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