Summary: A Million Little Pieces

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A Million Little Pieces Approach Paper Unpredictable, intense and instantly captivating, A Million Little Pieces is a story of alcohol and drug abuse and rehabilitation, as it has never been told before. By the time he entered the drug and alcohol rehab facility, James Frey had taken his actions to the ultimate extreme of near death experiences. Although James refuses to consider himself a victim of anything but his own bad decisions, he insists on accepting accountability for the person he has become and the person he may become after recovery. James had to find his own way to approach the consequences of life he has lived so far, and determine what the future holds. James Frey: strong-willed, hotheaded, belligerent, determined Leonard:…show more content…
Joanne calls James the most stubborn person she has ever encountered. How does being stubborn help James and how does it hurt him? Page 332 James: “In here, anything resembling normalcy is coveted. The phone is always busy because men want to be in contact with the normal outside world. Letters are eagerly awaited and opened because they are physical contact with it.” James is expressing the theme of the book because here the passage talks about every person’s goal in the rehab clinic. Every person in the clinic wants to live a “normal” life and be drug or alcohol free. The quote goes on to talk about people reading magazines and newspapers to get a glimpse of the real world and not the foggy life they are living in. At the same time, the quote makes the “outside world” seems so far away, and for majority of the clients it is. “Normalcy” is not easy to come by in the clinic; people are held by the grip of their addictions and are struggling to get out of its hold. When they came into the clinic, they were so far from normal, and making phone calls, reading letters and newspapers was their only way in “coming in contact with it.” This was a staring point for people in the facility along with James to start the beginning of their way back to a normal
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