Of Mice And Men Monologue Analysis

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With the forceful pull of the jagged trigger, Lennie Small my best friend was gone. Just like the other ranch workers I’m left as lonely as Candy is, without a loving companion to accompany me. It’ll take a while to come to terms with my fateful action. Murdered my only and best friend. The day was still young, the fellas and I were havin’ a good ol’ time throwin’ horseshoes. Ol’ man Candy had something to tell me. I let fall my heart as it began to pound in awe. Marchin’ towards the ancient barn I felt anxious and in total disbelief. I clutched my fist as sweat started to yield, Clinching hold of the pale cocaine door I braced myself for what was to come. Dead on the floor, Curley’s miserable wife layin’ disfigured, I knew who to deem responsible for the brutal fatality. Lennie. Havin’ no other option, I alarmed the others, Knowing they’d lynch the poor guy. Reasonin’ with em’ wasn’t tranquil, they refused to hear a single damn word. Curley was extremely demented, he wanted him executed right away. Once I delivered the news I raced to the brush where I knew I would find Lennie. Havin’ the mind of a child, throwin’ a scare into him was as easy as it is for him to kill a man, Lennie…show more content…
Trying to settle him down I told him of the bright future amd what it had planned for the both of us. I made him forget about the cruel world we live in. In that moment the fear that once lived and circulated through Lennie was absorbed by me as I reached for my firearm. Pulling out the sour metal pistol, the hardest decision I have made came about. Do I live with the fact that I let my friend be slaughtered by a mob of ruthless and unforgivin’ men, or execute him myself to spare him from the relentless torture of a dozen mad men. No matter the decision made, Lennie was going to perish. I promised Aunt Clara I’d do right by him, I had to live up to that

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