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Introduction The effects that the Vietnam War and social events that happened during the 1960s and 70s made the baby boomer generation mature and endure hard loss. They were the first generation to experience a modern American loss at war. The baby boomer generation never previously experienced any wars before the Vietnam War or experienced any hard times like a recession or depression like the generations had before them. The generation was mostly free spirited people that were just enjoying their lives and living the American dream. These same people though had to grow up fast and mature. They had to put away their American dream. Events that Led to the Advancement The people of the generation were just free spirited and fun loving. It was a peaceful time for the baby boomer generation as they grew up. They had not face a war or recessions until the Vietnam War hit. They were also able to enjoy so many new technologies like the television and able to buy brand new clothing and other products. As stated by Lynne Lancaster, “the boomer’s evolution was marked by a range of things that reflected their evolving identity and the exploding availability of consumer products in the marketplace from bell-bottoms and mood rings to Brook Brothers suits and Rolex watches, from junk food to junk bond and from LSD to the…show more content…
They did not know what war was or the destruction that it can bring. Even though their previous generations before experience world wars. They were not able to feel the emotion and what comes with war when you experience it firsthand. The previous wars were ones that the United States had won. When the Vietnam War started there were protests by the people and at that time people didn’t realized everything that was going on. This would all change for the baby boomer generation though after all the losses that everyone would experience during the Vietnam

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