Analyzing The Protagonist In 'The Lying Game'

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Protagonist/Antagonist A protagonist is the leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text.They are usually the hero of the story, and the one rooted for from beginning to end. Their life is followed,the audience learns about their problems, and the readers also know their feelings and thoughts. Emma Paxton is the protagonist in The Lying Game. She is simply just a girl who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Her life was never easy. Nearly her whole life she was put in a foster home after foster home since she was five. Until one day she discovers she has a long lost twin sister, she finds her on Facebook and discovers her name, Sutton Mercer. Emma and Sutton plan to meet…show more content…
They are known as villains of the story, the one we are hoping will fall to their demise. They cause problems for the protagonist, do everything in their power to ruin their life, and sometimes even try to kill them.An antagonist is driven to cause conflict on the main character out of pure spite or for a deeper, darker reason . Sutton’s killer is the antagonist in The Lying Game.The morning after Emma came to Tucson this unknown killer left a note for her on Laurel's car. The note says "Sutton's dead. Keep playing along... or you're next." Since then Emma is trying to figure out who killed Sutton and why. Unfortunately, everyone's a suspect because of Sutton's naughty bad-girl behavior. The killer constantly reminds Emma to keep quiet or she'll disappear also. At the end of the book, Sutton's Killer attacks Emma but to keep their identity unknown they corner Emma and slowly whisper in her ear to not be stupid, and going to the police was a bad idea. The killer then chokes Emma with Sutton's necklace, the one she wore the night she died. The killer then runs out of the house before Emma can see who it is. The main suspects were Mads, Char and Laurel, but they were later eliminated as suspects.Now Emma has to quickly become the sister she never met, and try to unravel the mystery of Sutton’s death—while this murderer watches her every…show more content…
Although the change may be sudden, it is expected based on the story’s events. Dynamic characters tend to be more fully developed and described than flat or static characters. Sutton Mercer is the dynamic character in The Lying Game. Sutton is the most complex girl in the the lying game. She is spoiled, uncaring, and unaware of what her pranks have done to people's lives. She doesn't have self-confidence and is scared of what people think about her, so she is always the center of attention. As Emma, the protagonist, starts to pick up the pieces Sutton left after her mysterious death. Sutton, also the narrator, notices all the harm she causes towards others including friends and family and sees why everyone would have have a motive to murder her. While Emma is turning her life around, she sees life in a different and clearer perspective and realizes everything she could've done better and how she could have prevented her own demise. For example in the story, as Emma is living a double life, she learns all the horrible things Sutton did like ripping Laurel’s necklace and throwing it into the woods because Sutton thought she was trying to copy her necklace, stealing Charlotte’s boyfriend, the endless Lying Game pranks, breaking Laurel’s and Thayer's relationship which caused him to run away, and more. This is significant

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