Beowulf Evil Vs Evil Essay

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Evil is belief to be something or someone who is mark by misfortune or suffering, in the Anglo-Saxon era poems seems to reflect suffering and loss. The Anglo-Saxon was filled with wars in which good fights evil. The beliefs from this culture was that good will always win over evil because the strong belief in christianity. Beowulf is a poem from the Anglo-Saxon era in which they focus on the major themes such as evil, christianity, culture, hero and paganism. Beowulf poem tells a story of a pagan man name Beowulf, he is considered a hero who possess superior physical strengths. His duties as a hero is to safe Herot from Grendel's reign of terror that have last for twelve years. Grendel is our first monster that eventually would be harm and…show more content…
As the poem narrates and evil force arrive “Out from the marsh, from the foot of misty Hills and bogs, bearing Gods hatred, Grendel came, hoping to kill anyone he could trap on his trip to high,” (line 1-4). The Anglo-Saxon era have a concept in which evilness develop from hate and sorrow and all concepts that represent this show the idea that they will endure gods hate, everything under the eyes of god that is not view as good will be evil. As the good figure appears in reference to the heroic role Beowulf plays, he accomplish to harm that evil monstrous of Grendel. “As dark as the air, as black as the rain that the heavens weep. Grendel's mother is hidden in her terrible home, in a place you've not seen, seek it if you dare.”(Line 171-175). A new evil character appears in form of grief for what they did to his son, Grendel mother is searching for revenge and she wants to kill every person that pass in front of her. As the first evil character is destroy by Beowulf an epic hero, a new character evolves to represent the dark side that will always be in a fight with the good side. Evilness will always be represented by characters as dark as the meaning of the word, such as how always evil character appear from

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