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Nurturing the Future My point of view about the Virtual Child at first was skeptical, I was not having too much expectative about to learn something new about raise a child. I have a son, and he is seventeen years old, my only son. I thought nothing different would occur out of this experience. My virtual child was a girl, and I named her Marie since I have a boy, it was a good surprise. My goal as a parent of a virtual child was to answer the best I could. In the real life the experience with my son is complex; I was looking for new ways to do the right things and take the right decisions and have a better outcome. From this experience, I learned different approaches with my virtual child that I never had thought about in the real life.…show more content…
The authoritarian parents are controlling, punitive, strict, their word is law. They do not tolerate expressions of disagreement. The authoritative parents are firm, setting clear and consistent limits, but try to reason with their children, explaining why they should behave in a particular way. The permissive parents provide lax and inconsistent feedback and require little of their children. The uninvolved parents show virtually no interest in their children, displaying indifferent, rejecting behavior. I prefer to use the authoritative mode of parenting, my objective with Marie was to offer her not just food and shelter but, love, care and, friendship. I was fair in my decisions towards her behavior in the infancy and adolescence; soon she could give me her feedback, we work together to make those decisions right, regarding it was a reward or a punishment. I understand the authoritative parenting style was the best for me. I believe in talking and listen other peoples' opinions, but being firm, consistent and reinstating the reasons for my decisions in my child’s

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