My Life In Astrology

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I personally believe in astrology; how the time of birth and the arrangement of constellations affect who I am still to this very day. I was born a Virgo and my birth chart is predominantly Leo. I was a healthy, happy baby, I would wake up in the middle of the night to eat, I was always hungry. I had fat round rosy cheeks and have always loved all flavors of food, as a child, I would dance in my chair when I was eating. I remember specifically saying yellow, when asked if I wanted mustard or ketchup on my hamburger. I was very attached emotionally to both parents, and I liked to be held as a child. One of the first touches I remember was my father’s stubble on his face, it was prickly, but the arms that held me made me feel safe. The day…show more content…
My brother and I started skiing at a very young age, people would often comment about how little I was. My legs have always been strong, and I started skiing in between my mom’s legs at the age of three. I started playing soccer at six years old. I was always faster than everyone else on the field. I could always react very fast to things going around me. My foot skills weren’t the best, but I was decent at the soccer because of my speed. When I was fourteen I started lifting weights, my mother and father have been gym rats all their life. I lifted with my brother and I loved it. I noticed my left arm was weaker than my right, but the school system had me write with only my right hand, so it does not come a surprise to me now why I had the imbalance. I have lived in Michigan my whole life and always felt I was supposed to live in a warmer area, winter days are long and dark, it can be very depressing. The Michigan summers were the best, long days of light and playing outside. Going back to school would always make me depressed, because it was the end of summer and my birthday often landed on Labor Day weekend. I started school in the public-school system and was there until 3rd grade, in fourth grade my parents made the decision to move my brother and I to a Christian school, they felt the smaller class size would be beneficial to our
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