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The adventurous child in me was actually looking forward for the internship opportunity since first year. I wanted to spend my 200 hours in a big company in Manila. The idea was so beautiful, I’d be that young independent woman learning about work and life in a bigger city. That was until an upper class told us that it’s better if we have our internship in a government agency in Iloilo City since some advisers would require a weekly meet-up in school. My friend, however, asked me if I would like to have my midyear in NFA Antique. Back then, I was hesitant because the office is only 5 minutes away from home; very opposite of how I imagined my internship. Nevertheless, the thought of spending the vacation in my hometown seems to be a good idea for someone who is away from home on school days so I decided to go with my friends. What is NFA? When I was young, I thought NFA is the brand name of the low-priced rice being sold in the market. Growing up, I learned that NFA is actually an acronym of National Food Authority but I still didn’t know how the agency works. Are they the supplier of all the rice being sold in the market? I didn’t know. It was until I did a research for a forecasting paper back in 3rd year; I found out that National Food Authority is a Philippine government agency responsible in ensuring the food security of the country and the stability of supply and price of the staple grain-rice. Moreover, NFA purchases un-milled rice from individual bonafide farmers and their organizations. It also…show more content…
San Fernando, San Jose de Buenavista, Antique; which is 10 minutes away from the town proper is managed by Provincial Manager, Engr. Frisco Canoy. Occupying a hectare-wide compound, NFA Antique has 2 warehouses, a milling area, 2 offices, and a staff house. There is also a satellite office in Culasi, Antique and the manager and an employee has this “Culasi Day” every week wherein they visit their Culasi

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