Speech: Legal Drinking Age In Canada

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Topic: Legal drinking age in Canada Opening/Attention: 25% of youth aged 14 to 17 responded that they had consumed alcohol within the past mont, according to a study of Stephanie Schmitz Bechteler, Kathleen Kane-Willis, Gregory Greenman and Mary Dannevik. Now, I have a question for you: do you remember yourself at that age? I am sure you do. Maybe somebody even don't want to remember that times and may be these reasons are connected to my todays topic… However, those times passed and now almost everybody in this room can easily go to LCBO and buy alcohol (except me and Kath). And what is a reason for that? Our age. And this is the topic of my speech - Legal drinking age in Canada. Spoken Link: I will begin with the story which will not make you cry and it is not emotional at all. However, everybody will understand me because I am sure that it happened not only to me. Emotion/Story:…show more content…
And one of my Birthday presents from my parents was signing a contract with a landlord and renting my own place to live in. (By the way, by law in Canada you don't need a custodian anymore when you tern 18). So, I decided to invite 2 of my friends, make a dinner and have a couple of drinks. My best friend, who is 19 needed to buy drinks, nevertheless, she forgot and we decided to go together. When we came to wine rack and were about to buy 3 bottles of wine, a cashier asked for id of me and my friend. I didn't have one so she didn't sell alcohol to us. I was very upset because at home both my friends and my dinner were waiting for me. At that moment I was homesick because in Ukraine it is totally different and legal drinking age is 18 not

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