Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

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The American Constitution was found under many principles. I believe in most cases our founding fathers had the right idea with the exception of one problem. The Electoral College has been around since the birth of America and it has chosen our president for the past 227 years. Right now, there are 538 members of the college. Using this system makes citizens feel like they don’t have a voice and there is no reason to vote at all. When I’m able to vote, I want to know that my vote helped elect the President. I want to know my voice was heard. Therefore, I think we need to abolish the Electoral College. It clarifies nothing! When the election results come out, they might confuse you. You voted for one President, but your state voted for the…show more content…
I think they would be ashamed of what it has come to today. They way some Presidents have come into office in a way where deception was involved. This country was not founded under misguided ways. Our country holds itself to a higher standard. The Electoral College makes everything harder for elections. Many people believe this process should be abolished for good. It tears our nation apart and some think this is good! This system could create a 269-269 tie vote. Even though it has only happened once in history, many elections have come close to it. Also, it makes it difficult for third parties to win. They may not be big, but some people think they have good ideas and that they should win. The constitution said “We the People”, not “We the members of the Electoral College”. The constitution was written to provide checks and balances so no one person could be in control. It said no to tyrants and dictators because everyone was equal. It wasn’t written to limit our rights and liberties. It was written to give us a new birth of freedom! The Electoral College takes away that

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