Source Credibility In Social Media

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Introduction Social media are becoming more and more important as play a role as an information source. The study observes the available in social media impact the perceptions of source credibility. It is more emphasize on Twitter as they ask participants to view Tweet that were posted and then report on their perceived source credibility of the page owner. Although data show that recency of tweets impacts source credibility, this relationship is refereed by cognitive elaboration. These data suggest many implications for theory and application, both in computer-mediated communication and crisis communication. These implications are discussed, along with restrictions of the current study and directions for future research. These social media…show more content…
Perceived source credibility has been defined as “judgments made by a perceiver…concerning the believability of a communicator” (O'Keefe, 1990). There is debate about the specific factor-structure of source credibility, but one factor structure normally found in three dimensions of source credibility, there are expertise, trustworthiness, and goodwill (Cronkhite & Liska, 1976). Perceived source credibility becomes a significant variable to examine within social media, especially in terms of crisis and risk information. Due to the amount increased of information available, the gate keeping function is swing away from content producers and receiver (Haas & Wearden, 2003). Furthermore, there is a shortage of professional gatekeepers in social media, so consumers becoming more responsible for making decisions about the credibility of information in social media. Moreover, gate watchers are unable to control the information passes, but instead of keeping a endless eye at the gates, and pass what information flows through those gates onto others who then make the choice about the topic relevance and usefulness. One model created to eloquent and explains the process of making credibility judgments in online settings, and thus a useful framework which named MAIN model for explaining ways in which consumers may pass their own personal process of gate keeping with this type of information…show more content…
However, there is too much general knowledge in the literature, as hard to searching the main points in the literature. Besides that, it can actually bored a person who reading it. Furthermore, the MAIN model is actually cannot help us much on our study. So, most of the information about the model are not needed. The literature can be better if there is no much about general information and more emphasize on giving example that how people judge the information

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