Political Trust In Society

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Political trust Trust in political system of a society is “political trust”. Political trust is related to general social trust. It means that civic engagement and interpersonal trust contribute to overall social and political trust (Castells, 2009, p. 287). Political trust is happened in two levels: macro-level trust or “organizational political trust” that is the trust of citizens in government policies and micro-level trust or “individual political trust” that is the trust of citizens in individual leaders of their society (OECD, 2013, p. 21; Blink, 2007, p. 4). It is worth mentioning that political trust enhances social trust (Tao et al., 2014). Distrust or lack of trust in government may raises dissatisfaction regarding the political…show more content…
13). The concepts of public trust and its evolution has a long history in democratic societies (Huffman, 2008). Public trust has three building blocks: spirit of transparency (providing enough information for people for good decision-making), culture of accountability (commitment and responsibility), and people of integrity (individuals do the right thing) (DiPiazza & Eccles, 2002, pp. 3-6). Thus, for citizens of a state, public trust means confidence, honesty, stability and security by the state, and it is a mental behavior (Oritz,…show more content…
Collectively developed norms for the communications, trade or business shapes “trust based on contract law”. The ethical foundation of this type of trust include equity, responsibility, commitment, and trust (Blomqvist, 1997, p. 275). In other words, an “explicit letter of contract” to bind two exchange parties together with terms and conditions (Leung et al., 2011, p. 1196) shapes this type of trust. It may have another form, based on “social contract” to form the norms and common understanding to conduct the communications between exchange parties (Leung et al., 2011, p. 1196). Thus, the foundation of inter-organizational trust is “rationality” (Ashnai et al., 2015). In summary, the social rules and the law create a dynamic environment in which transactions are conducted at lowest level of risk (Klang, 2001, p.

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