The Importance Of Premarital Sex

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In today's context, many people has becoming more open minded to many aspects which also includes opinions on premarital sex. In a survey conducted by National Youth Counsel on whether pre-marital sex is ok if the couple practice safe sex - 34% strongly agreed or agreed with the statement while 35% held the opposite view. (Youthreach, 2015) Also, in a large scale study conducted by Fei Yue Counseling Centre which involved nine secondary schools in Singapore. The study shows that the three main reason as to why teenagers could not resist to premarital sex are curiosity, to satisfy desire and for love. However, there were also people who opt for abstinence sex to play safe. Safe-sex approach states that as teenagers grow older, they will be more sexually active and it is therefore more important to educate them about sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and the use of condoms and contraceptives. (Kirby, 2008; Smith Kuehnel, 2009; Lesko, 2010, Starkman and Rajani, 2002) Safe sex approach teaches teenagers various ways to not have sex with their partners without having to worry about getting any diseases. The definition of safe sex is sexual activity in which people take precautions to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. On the other hand, abstinence sex refers to the practice of refraining from all aspects of sexual activity for…show more content…
The main difference between safe sex and abstinence is safe sex teaches that sexuality is a natural, normal and

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