Kabukichou Descriptive Story

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As the dreary, seemingly eternal rain pounded mercilessly upon the once prominent town of Kabukichou, the wisp of a silhouette could be seen trudging through the muddy, barren streets, as if hoping to drown whatever privies and sorrows it had been unfortunate enough to be burdened with in the unending mantra of the sharp, edged rain. The fluctuating form of the shadowed figure wandered aimlessly, its hooded configuration of cloth, skin, and grief obscured by the just as equally wavering shadows of the nearby buildings and dwellings, the condescending splatters of the punitive rain ultimately distorting everything in its path. With tentative, lead-laden steps, the mysterious figure stumbled along, the numerous reflections of the surroundings…show more content…
Taking trembling gasps of air as its chest convulsed violently, blood spewed from the shadowed form in a coughing bout not a moment later. Suddenly, the obscured form lurched forward, immediately collapsing on a pair of frail, porcelain white hands and knees. Soon, trembling fingers extending from the concealed figure as it reached toward its hood, promptly yanking it off after making contact with the rough, dirtied cloth. Long locks of tangled, vermilion hair splayed from its confinements, partly enshrouding a cloudy pair of luminescent, cerulean orbs as the figure turned out to be not an 'it', but a 'she'. A 'she' who went by the name of Kagura, and was renowned by almost all in the dismal abyss of outer space as one of the best intergalactic fighter who ever lived, of course taking after her father Umibozu, considered a just as prominent alien hunter. What such an acclaimed person was doing in a dingy cemetery on the edge of a run-down, Earth town was only known to Kagura herself, and she intended to keep it that way. Steeling herself, she straightened up and hobbled onwards, trying so desperately to ignore the searing pain in her side and chest as she trudged

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