Social Media In The Philippines

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Existing literatures trying to explain how Filipinos absorb information they get from online sources seem to be crude. More specifically, there have been no studies done to explore how information provided by different internet sources prompts Filipinos to exchange knowledge among peers and eventually result into social mobilization. The advancement of technology has brought us not only the easiness of communication and being connected, but also made us closer and to anything happening around us. Contents published on online publications are immediately delivered to the readers with the aid of social media. In a snap, the once lengthy process now only takes seconds. Audiences can now immediately be brought to the action where the news is happening.…show more content…
And also this is a digital age action in communal work. The media can have a major influence on the importance of a topic to the public (McCombs & Shaw, 1972), and those opportunities are budding with blogs. Agenda-setting has traditionally only been considered relevant to traditional media (Coleman, McCombs, Shaw, & Weaver, 2009; McCombs & Shaw, 1972), but with many people now getting their reports from social media, the influence of these mediums, blogs included, in agenda setting cannot be…show more content…
A more nuanced approach is required when examining the internet’s potential contributions to processes of political change. And that being said, it is important to determine different mediums to influence people and also the possibilities within it. An example of which is the usage of blogs. Stories like this is no longer new to some people as the beginning of digital age way back EDSA 2 or also known as Second People Power Revolution that lasted for three days year 2001 has been relevant and significant. In the Second People Power Revolution, which led to the ouster of President Joseph Estrada, mobile phones became both a symbol and a tool of democracy, and texting was prominent in the political application of communications networks. (Pertierra et al. 2002; Rheingold 2002; Rafael 2003; Pertierra

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