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“The Apology”, is Plato recalling and interpreting the Trial of Socrates, which occurred in 399 B.C. In the dialogue, Socrates explains where he has come from, and who he is as a person. When translated in english, the title “The Apology”, is a misnomer, due to the fact that Socrates does not apologize, but only makes an effort to defend himself and his actions. In Greek, the word “Apology” derives from the Greek word "apologia”, which translates to “defense”, which perfectly relates to the title of the text. Most humans are naturally afraid of death. Why? the fear of the unknown. The fear of not knowing what awaits after death, if there is in fact something that awaits. In his defense, Socrates argues that death, in fact, will prove his innocence. He makes…show more content…
He was a man who followed his own principles and taught the youth of Athens to question everything and think differently. He was a perfect scapegoat. He was put on trial for speaking about false gods and corrupting the youth. Socrates questioned politicians, orators, poets and craftsmen, and examined everything he could. He possessed “self-knowledge”, which means “he knows what he doesn't know and knows his own ignorance”. Just as he did not fit into his society, he would not fit into modern day society. He would be considered a bigot, and a hater. When discussing the quote: "Nothing bad can happen to the good man"(Reeve 41d), Socrates has been sentenced to death and has scolded the jury, saying that they will be sorry for putting a wise man to death and that in time, he would have died on his own. With that quote, Socrates demonstrates that a good and knowledgeable person like himself, a person that contains the virtue of excellence, will look further into a situation that seems evil on the outside, and see that there is no evil. Good and evil are perceptions created by humans. Good and evil do not really not exist. In the universe, there is no good or evil. Everything is just

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