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Many different ancient civilizations have offered our modern world many lessons in development and betterment of humanity. For example, China and Egypt are two different civilizations and have many similarities with some contrasting differences. The environment, government, and technology throughout each country sheds light to where our modern world has evolved. China is a remarkable country because of its divergent environment. It contains deserts, forests, mountain ranges and hills. The climate varies greatly. The Himalaya Mountains are located in the South West part of China and hold the record for the tallest mountains in the world. The Himalayas also act as a natural boundary between India and China. This natural boundary helps reduce…show more content…
The most noted inventions of ancient China remain to be: the compass, gunpowder, papermaking and printing. Papermaking and printing to be the most notable claim from the Chinese. Compass making was very important to the religious aspects of Chinese culture and religion. When building a new house, the builder needed to be sure the house faced magnetic north; meaning you and nature would be in perfect harmony. Silk harvesting also became an important invention, as it could be used to make several things: clothes, paper, and toys. Chinese philosophers made significant advances in science, technology, math, and astronomy. Some of the first astronomical mapping can be dated back to the ancient china. In similar comparison, Egypt made large advances in math and writing with the invention of ink and papyrus. As China was mapping the stars, Egypt was also recording star patterns and practicing the art of timekeeping. This being highly significant in timing and preparing for the annual flooding of the Nile river and planting of crops. Medical advancements were made as the Egyptians better understand how to heal the sick. Egyptians huge effect on communication with the invention of the first writing system using symbols and pictures called hieroglyphics made an enormous impact on their society and the world. As most the credit has been given to the Chinese for the invention of the words first paper around 150B.C.; Egyptians created papyrus sheets thousands of years earlier, keeping this a safe guarded secret for their own use. Similarities in the type of inventions and technological advancements from both ancient civilizations can not be denied as an invaluable priceless gift to

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