Mac Vs Pc Compare And Contrast

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Macs (Macs) vs. PCs (Microsoft) There’s a war in the computer world that’s been going on for a long time; the cause a simple question that still remains unanswered “which is better a Mac or a PC?” People are always fighting about the brand they choose most of the time to justify their purchase, saying things like “Mac is better” or “PC rules”. This “Computer War” started all the way back from 1980s. It’s not only the fans or consumers that created this war sort of speak; the companies themselves Microsoft (PC) and Apple (mac) have a competitive rivalry. Apple Inc. is an American corporation that designs and develops computer software and personal computers, best known for its Computers (Macs). Microsoft is also an American multinational corporation that develops, manufactures and licenses personal computers and services, its best known for its operation system Windows. Pcs and macs have similarities like their price but their operating system and software they are completely different.…show more content…
Pcs use to dominate the budget market, but now some macs go for around $100 to 500. But with a lower price comes some limitations especially for macs like their memory and hard drive space. Standard PCs have around 4GB-8GB of rams while Macs have only around 1GB-4GB of ram. Macs also have smaller hard drives but this is because Macs have smaller files so they required less space. Macs are incredible reliable machines, they are very stable, do not crash and cannot get viruses. PCs in the other hand while still reliable are prone to crashing, can get viruses and the infamous “blue screen of death”. “The comparative value of a Mac or PC really depends on the consumer's

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