The Role Of Socrates In The Apology

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I consider that a contemporary era Socrates could be Edward Snowden. Snowden as well as Socrates in the “Apology” are both liable for indicating transgressions in the government. In both cases, the governments had not believed what had been done was correct, which initiated the involuntary suicide by Socrates, and the shunning of Snowden by American government. Additional similarities amongst Snowden and Socrates are that they had dissented from the government and the selected officials of their countries who didn't agree with their opinions. Many people believed Socrates was rude and he had unseemly fictional beliefs, when in fact the gods had said that he was the wisest man. Because the government did not believe Socrates and was against…show more content…
They are educated by so many different biased talk shows, newspapers, the internet, etc. There are very few people left like Socrates other than Snowden. The youth today really can’t have their own interpretations, they look at the news and automatically believe whatever is being said is true. Children growing up are continuously being bombarded with information from their environment which can influence the way they see the world and also shape their minds with certain attitudes and beliefs, gradually casting them into something society feels is acceptable. In the past these influences which dictate how we should behave in a 'normal' society have come from sources such as the community, family and school, which were still biased but were not large cooperation’s telling you what views you should have, which is why I feel people were more themselves before television and the internet. In today's world, there is less influence on children from family because the breakdown of valuable family time due to working hours. Children spend hours a day in front of the television it seems inevitable that, it has a role in shaping children’s vulnerable and impressionable minds to develop certain social roles and behavior
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