Socio-Cultural Perspective Paper

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The Socio-Cultural Perspective “The sociocultural perspective focuses on social and cultural forces outside the individual forces that shape every aspect of behavior, from how we kiss, to what and where we eat.” (Wade, Tarvis, & Gary 2015 p. #7). Sociocultural norms range from unspoken rules, to rules that came from home training. This kind of norm happens to define who others are and let alone myself. When it comes to myself, socio-cultural norms have effected my spiritual beliefs, and my perspective on who other people are as well. The socio-cultural perspective has easily shaped my beliefs by the behavior I have. For example, I come rom a Christian based family back ground. And not only does this mean I treat everyone I meet with welcoming open arms, but I also…show more content…
Additionally, a more accurate example of how it’s affected my behavior is how us christians pray over every meal we receive. “When we thank God for providing our daily bread, we are acknowledging that all things come from him.”(Ephesians 5:20 Romans 11:36) With this being said, he is our provider, he is the reason why we have everything we obtain. In all honesty, giving thanks to our food is the least we can do due to the fact that what we consume provides us with life. Being a Christian also shapes the way I act and defines who I am. My behavior molds majority of the activities i partake, along with the choices I make. “Human beings are social animals who are profoundly affected by their different cultural worlds.”(Wade, Tarvis, & Gary, 2015, pp. #7) With this being said, my belief in the Lord, along with the socio-cultural
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