Sequoia Redwood Research Paper

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The the California redwood is also called the coast redwood. The binomial name is Sequoia sempervirens, in latin it means “forever living” or “forever green”. They are ancient giants living between 500-2,000 years. Redwood trees were here when the dinosaurs were on Earth. They have been on Earth about 240 million years and in California 20 million years. Redwoods are one of the fastest growing trees. They can grow up to 379 feet high and 29 feet in diameter. Redwoods can grow 100 feet their first 50 years. Some redwwod trees are so big that you can drive a car through them. There is also one with a gift shop inside of it. Redwoods are conifers (cone bearing) and gymnosperms (naked seeds). The redwood trees reproduce sexually by seeds and asexually…show more content…
The flowers bloom in early winter and produce seperate male and female flowers on the same tree. The male flowers produce the pollen and have yellow flowers at the end of the leaves. The male flowers are all over the tree. The female flowers are the embryonic cones, they are green and are at the end of the leaves. The female flowers are only at the top branches of the tree. For the tree to be pollinated the wind must blow the pollen from the male flowers at the bottom up to the female flowers at the top of the tree. The redwood tree can make up to 10,000 tiny cones a year. The leaves at the top of the tree grow short and narrow and the leaves at the bottom of the tree grow long and wide. The bark of the redwwod is up to 12 inches thick and is reddish brown in color. The thickness of the bark helps the tree withstand fires that happen alot in California. Redwood trees need the right weather to grow this is why they only grow in a thin strip of land along the Pacific coast in North America. They grow from California to Oregon and they like the cold, wet weather from the mountains. This area has a lot of rain every year. Fog is important it provides a lot of moisture. It helps them grow really tall and

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