Genre Conventions: Cinderella And The Price Is Right

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The Importance of Genre Conventions Genres can be defined as groups separated by similar characters, events, and topics. These groups can be presented through different medias and modes to convey desired messages to the audience. Princess Fairytales and Game Shows, specifically Cinderella and The Price is Right, use the conventions of the genres to portray messages. The Princess Fairytale genre usually consists of conventions that show the main characters’ transitions through life. These transitions consist of hardships, battles against an evil antagonist, power struggles, love interests, heroic actions and magical experiences. Once the Princesses’ life turns around and everything seems to have fallen into place, the story tends to end with the stereotypical ‘happy ever after’. These Princess Fairytale conventions all contribute to the storyline of the main characters’ life.…show more content…
This genre catches the audience’s attention with intriguing questions, bright lights, interesting settings, and lively hosts. The host and audience try to persuade the main character to continue playing the game to ‘increase his or her chances to win’, which actually decreases the likelihood that they will walk away with any prize at all. The main character is pressured and overcome by adrenaline to win the big prize that they often fall short from winning. The meaning of game shows is to show that sometimes taking risks is worth it, but at the same time it can cause you to have “I should have done this” moments. Game shows help show that no matter what decisions you make in life, life still moves on and you just have to adjust to your mistakes and learn from them. The host contributes to the meaning because it symbolizes the influences that outside sources put on your decisions. Conquering the host by sticking to your gut decision allows you to feel good about making your own choices that reflect your

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