Comparing Hamlet And Ophelia

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Hamlet and Ophelia play a very nice contrast to each other and one without the other wouldn’t have been as interesting. You have Hamlet feigning madness as he tries to kill King Claudius and you have Ophelia who was given too much to deal with and was driven mad. Two completely different motives and reasons but both have the same outcome – death. Hamlet was pretending to be mad for a couple different reasons. Hamlet needs a way to hide his new suspicions of Claudius while he first, tries to see if what the ghost has told him is even true or not and second, tries to find the will to avenge his father. The second reason is that it is a way to see who is a friend or foe. Also, the fact that Horatio and ____ both saw and heard the ghost, shows that Hamlet was sane and only feigning his madness. Hamlet finally decides he is ready to kill the King and suddenly, during the fencing match he is no longer acting mad. When the Queen drinks and dies, Hamlet has finally had enough and is not ready to avenge not only is father but also his mother.…show more content…
She was out through so much, she was warned away from Hamlet but her brother and her father and you have Hamlet insulting her then saying he loved her. Finally, with Hamlet killing her father, it was all too much for her to handle. She was driven into madness by the loss of her father. She has nothing to gain by pretending to be mad. Her real madness is a great contrast to Hamlet’s feigned madness throughout the play and it also helps contribute to the tragedy of the play. If her madness was fake than the play would not be as sad. When she sang “And will ‘a not come again? No, no, he is dead, go to thy death-bed, He never will come again…he is gone, he is gone, and we cast away moan, God ‘a’ mercy on his soul!” (Pg 169) it is obvious that she was terribly upset by her father’s death and it adds real heartache into the play and without it, would have not been as much of a
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