Social Work Case Study

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My current situation is that I am having issues living in my home and have been staying at my sister’s home for the last 8 months. Her home is not big, it is a small three bedroom that is housing my sister, her husband, her daughter, my father, and I. Everyone works, except my father, who has been having medical issues, and has impeded him from working. Having to deal with my father’s medical appointments, and dealing with my medical issues I am also having is causing conflict between my sister, brother-in-law, and I. We have begun to constantly battle with each other to see who will be taking my father to the doctor. When this topic is brought up, it sets off the same predictable responses. My sister always says that she cannot continue to leave work and that I should take more responsibility in being more active with my dad’s appointments, however, I respond that I have my own medical issues that conflict with each other’s schedules.…show more content…
She constantly is sending me messages reminding me what must be done and what time certain task should be completed. My sister has always been like this since we were young children and that trait has allowed her to her work ethic to be successful, however, I constantly remind her that I am not her employee. Between my sister and I, we are both very stubborn and have difficulty accepting change. However, I am one to adapt to change and figure a way to take my dad to his appointments and my sister, is all about structure, things must be done a certain way. At times, I tell her she is very Jurassic, which reignites the conflict between us
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