Kardashian Influence On Women

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A young girl turns on the television to see long black hair and skimpily dressed women, they are known as the Kardashians. They are unavoidable; they are in of every magazine, tabloid, and blog. They even have their own television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Everywhere we go we see them. We look up to these people as “life goals” but it’s all a lie. The show is suppose depict their real everyday lives but they are only showing us the glitz and glam, while the “problems” that appear in the show are scripted. The Kardashians, “Famous for being famous”, are known for their rise to fame through the leak of a sex tape and their incredible ability to appear and stay flawless. The family includes Kris Jenner, mom, three oldest sisters,…show more content…
In every commercial Kim is in it shows off her assets In some way. She has gone completely nude and has released nude pictures on Instagram. She is teaching her viewers, all 35 million that follow her on Instagram, that sexualizing themselves is perfectly fine. Which also leads to younger girl being exploited. The oldest sisters have also posed nude for multiple magazines. They’ve said they are just comfortable with bodies. Every episode of KUWTK would include something about sex; in one episode Khloe and Kim speak about sex and multiple sexual positions, while their little sisters and their whole family was in the room and everyone just laughed it off. Although sex is not bad thing, it should not be continuously promoted, especially while having young viewers and younger sisters as cast mates. This carelessness has even lead to their youngest sister, Kylie, dating a 24 year old rapper while she was only 16. They did not see the problem with this; in fact they encouraged the relationship. This has also caused her to grow up too soon. This goes to show that the Kardashians effect on the world was is just as effective in their household. This exposes them for their negligence and carelessness, but we as a society tend to look pass these things and only focus on what they want us to…show more content…
Everything is perfect, almost too perfect. Their looks are one of the reasons they keep people interested. They are using plastic surgery to alter their looks and increase their number of viewers. They are all known to have undergone multiple surgeries, yes, even Kylie. Kylie recently admitted, on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she has lip fillers and this has even started a trend on the internet called “TheKylieJennerChallenge”. This challenge is where kids suck on jars to make their lips bigger and fuller like Kylie Jenner. It started off harmless kids started taking it too far by sucking on the jar for hours at a time. While it seems like all fun and games, truly Kylie has set a bad example for her younger viewers to the point they are potentially harming themselves to get her look. From work to the butt to work to the face, they have had it all. Kim has been seen in multiple episodes taking family members to get Botox. They are continuously changing their body. While they constantly say they are comfortable with their bodies, why do they continue to alter their looks? Viewers look at this and compare themselves to the Kardashians. What the Kardashians don’t realize is that they are the ones setting the standards for how people think women should look. This has even impacted a woman’s dating life because men are all looking for a girl that resembles a Kardashian. Meaning, a big butt, small waist, insanely perfect

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