Social Sustainability In The Food Industry

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RISKS In the food industry the most common risk is food associated. Products that are held in wrong temperatures, poor personal hygiene of employees, failed cooking procedures or contaminated equipment can lead to foodborne illnesses. Maintaining a clean environment and following the cleaning policies in order to provide a safe from bacteria workplace is our obligation as a self-respected company. The number of food poisoning cases or outbreaks due to produce contamination has increased since fruits and vegetables are mostly produced in a natural environment and are vulnerable to contamination. Therefore, the consumption of ready to eat produce or minimally processed fresh- cut- produce if suitable safeguards are not in place, represents a…show more content…
The demands on the food industry from farm to fork continue to increase. … The goal of sustainability in the food industry is to produce and consume food in a way that supports the well- being of generations. There is the need and the opportunity for the food industry to balance the market needs for food with its environmental and social requirements. C. J. Baldwin (2015) P.2 YOUR DELI is an establishment that promotes the belief that what you value shows at what you waste. Our company complies with the regulations and laws that exist regarding social responsibility. By establishing a green culture among our staff members we promote to our customers green products and services that meet their personal environmental objectives and goals. We encourage everyone to use bags that are reusable but we also provide bags made out of paper or are bio degradable for customers that prefer them better. We are set in reducing our waste by recycling and donating edible “waste”. At the same time we have eliminated all unrecyclable materials and replaced all of them with ones that are reusable or…show more content…
A store that has personality and can draw individuals for either buying ingredients or spending time in to eating a light lunch quietly with their company or alone. The objective is to create a store where people will be able to relax as it won’t be as formal as a sit down restaurant and if they desire they will be provided with the alternative of taking their meal home. By representing and promoting uniqueness and individuality the hope of letting everyone remember tradition though a different scope is being

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