Romeo And Juliet Death Analysis

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The people who wanted to help and protect Romeo and Juliet, including themselves, might have been the ones to have sealed their fate. In the book, “Romeo and Juliet”, the star crossed lovers kill themselves because they could not be together, unless they were dead. This leads to the end of the feud; which had helped to kill them. I believe that the death of Romeo and Juliet doesn’t come from just one thing happening, nae, but multiple things combining coming together to seal their fate. I blame the death of Romeo and Juliet on Friar Lawrence, the Feud, and the choices of Romeo and Juliet throughout the play. Since the beginning, Friar Lawrence is seen as a parent figure throughout the play, but I believe he was one, but not a good one. I thought Friar Lawrence as a person trying to use the two of them for his own personal gain. For example, in the play, Friar Lawrence does not want to marry Romeo and Juliet until he thinks about what the outcome might do for him, i.e., how he ended the feud by marrying the two together. Another reason was because he could not get the letter to Romeo, since he was unable to get the letter to Romeo, the two star crossed lovers died. “Then I gave her, so tortured by my heart, a sleeping potion.” (V,iii,252-253) In this part of the book, Friar Lawrence is making himself sound good, as to please the prince…show more content…
But that's the point, Romeo and Juliet are just two kids rushing into everything and Friar Lawrence does nothing to try and stop it. “Romeo is not in a good mood -- in a word, he is suicidal and expects to "expire the term of a despised life." Instead, he spies Juliet at the party, with whom he falls in love on the spot.” (Peele, Stanton) In this article, he says that Romeo moves on from Rosaline to Juliet after spying her from
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