Capitalism In The Philippines

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The advent of Capitalism in the Industrial Era of our world may be seen as the step to how our society progressed to be the what it is today. Commodities were made cheaper through the rise of manufacturing and mass production. This was the way the Philippine society utilized mining and natural resource production to further enhance their economy. However, in the eyes of businessmen and capitalists, they see nothing but the goal of making money— much to the expense of the exploitation of the common worker and, more importantly, the environment. Our greed and desire for more is becoming something more actuated and innate to the process of our capitalist society, while we leave little to no regard to what we are doing to our environment. This…show more content…
Mercury is used in mining as a means of destroying chemical bounds of elements in chemical compounds. This practice is usually used to easily and cheaply find and refine Gold the lucrative Gold mining industry. The Mercury is manually panned by hand by workers who are only paid 400 pesos a day. These workers risk getting poisoned by the element, and then receive permanent, untreatable brain and nerve damage. They also lack any health insurance which is supposed to be provided by their employers. After the panning process for Gold is finished, the expended Mercury is then thrown away to a nearby river or body of water, which therefore passes on the toxin to land and water wildlife alike. Our current law permits the practice of mining with Mercury with the requirement of rehabilitation and cleaning up of this chemical. However, we could not guarantee that the Mercury would be fully cleansed of in the rehabilitation process. There will always be some particles of that substance that would pass through either by air, land or water through different ways of erosion and deposition, which is substantial enough to cause damage. With this, Mercury mining is should be banned as it is a dangerous compromise that mining companies make to generate more profit much to the demise of…show more content…
Take note that this could apply to renewable resources if we feel that it is threatened by the mining practices. Take for example water, although water may be a renewable resource, mining can render this water unusable because of pollutants that eroded to that body of water. Conservation of nonrenewable resources is important as it is either impossible or takes a long time for nature to reproduce these resources. The current law does not provide adequate protection and conservation of these resources because it states that companies only need to attend environmental protection seminars to inform them about conservation, which of course does nothing to actually making them conserve natural resources. I believe that when the profit of mining companies is threatened by these taxes of my proposal, they would start to listen to our demands of environmental protection as their interests are now in the State’s control. As such, these taxes on the natural resources are in effort to push these businesses into heeding our laws on the conservation of natural resources. The income produced from these taxes can then also be used to the rehabilitation of our

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