Social Media Stereotypes

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I heard about this position by reading the jobs page. I knew my nearly 7 years of experience in entertainment writing would be perfect for the role. Working at BuzzFeed gave me increased understanding of what makes audiences share and engage with content. I’ve also managed social media for an NPR affiliate and retooled and restructured their engagement, increasing Facebook likes 4% and Twitter followers 22%. In my time at BuzzFeed, I made posts that pulled over 4 million views because I understood that emotion leads people to share posts. Whether it was about foods from Barbados to try or The Real Housewives of Atlanta. A title pulls people into a post. The benefit of writing about TV is that a title of a show can draw in fans…show more content…
Viewers are sure to watch the repercussions of Olivia’s admission to being the President’s mistress. As a refresher in this new stage in their complicated relationship, viewers can relive the frustrations of Olitz through a timely tweet after the show aired and, most importantly, just before episode 503 airs. Featured Scandal and TGIT hashtags would be used to boost the tweets, as well as including @ScandalABC in tweets with the post. Both aforementioned hashtags would also be used along the same timeframe across…show more content…
Thursdays are blocked off for me from 9 to 11pm. After all the build up with Scandal and hearing so much positivity about Shonda Rhimes’ work, I decided to give Scandal a shot when it first premiered and was engrossed in every twist and turn. My favorite part of the series in the case-of-the-week portion. Although it has strayed from that, it’s near-perfection to see OPA work to fix politicians. How To Get Away With Murder is another product of Shondaland I wanted to support when it aired. After investing so much in the first season, I kept up with the twists and turns in season two. Plus, Viola Davis is an actress I enjoy watching, especially as Annalise Keating. I’ve followed Gabrielle Union as a movie actress for years. That didn’t change with her TV movie and I continued to support the complex character she played as Mary Jane became a TV series. Representation matters to me and I am excited to see it in primetime television dramas. I follow SVU in syndication on USA and really got into it to fill my “case of the week” void when Scandal went a little left field. I just finished the Showtime series on Netflix. Ignoring the holes in the finale, it was usually a show I couldn’t wait to pick up day after day to see how far Dexter could go and how he would change and adapt as his “dark passenger” took

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