Emma Lazarus's 'Statue Of Liberty'

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The poem by Emma Lazarus is describing the Statue of Liberty. Emma is trying to portray that America is beautiful. The Statue of Liberty stands over America strong to welcome the people who have left their native lands to seek what America offers. Emma calls the Statute of Liberty the Mother of Exiles, that it what America was originally for. It was for people that were being prosecuted against for being different. America was a safe haven for all the immigrants in the world. At the time it had many jobs to be filled, but most of the conditions were very poor. Emma refers to Ellis Island as the golden door. This is a very patriotic poem that tries to make America sound amazing, but in reality an immigrant coming to America will have to work…show more content…
They have to swear not to aid anything involved with the church and use what power you do have to destroy the church. It finishes by saying that you must not vote for a member of the Roman Catholic Church when they run for a public office. This is opposite of the first document. The first document supported the idea of good in America with no discrimination. The hate against to Roman Catholic Church shows that America is not the perfect safe haven. It has its major faults. The idea of Nativism is ruining America it made it harder for new Immigrants to live and prosper. The cartoons in A Nations of Immigrants are representative of how the view on immigration changed. In the top cartoon there’s a man that is a patriotic figure inviting the immigrants into America. In the bottom cartoon there are a group of men stopping an Immigrant from coming to America. Behind the men are shadows representing their past lives as immigrants. These men are very hypocritical. They a rejecting the people they once were. This represents how people like Carnegie came to America as an immigrant, then became rich and did not immediately give back to the workers. He did donate a lot of his money, but his workers should have been better compensated and he gained the money with illegal

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