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Name : ___Kenneth Kagona________________________________________________ What is the author’s main idea? ____ The author wanted to show how the writer, Edgar Allan Poe life was mistaken and his literature misinterpreted by other writers, friends and readers. Therefore, the writer tries to explain the life of Poe, as a working literary journalist, his heritage from the south of United States of America and his humanity. Provide three (3) examples of where the author supports the thesis. 1) Provide example in form of a direct quote ____ According to biography written by James m. Hutchisson, in the university press of Mississippi, he states that, “yet for all his brilliant originality, all his innovation, all his essential oddness, this is the daily life Poe lived.”…show more content…
Explain. Be specific. ___ I selected this example because Hutchinsson who is wrote Edgar Poe’s biography, explained the work that Poe did as the a writer and a journalist with creativity, great ideas and his strange character which made him mistaken and criticized by other writers, press and the society. 2) Provide example in form of a partial quote __________ According to James M. Hutchisson the author of Edgar Poe biography, point out that Poe’s life and how he originated from the south, “ the original sole voice” and “development of American literature.” Why did you select this example? Explain. Be specific. ____ I selected this example because Poe’s writing was influenced by his background in the South of America where he was brought up. Poe wrote his stories from his life experience and wanted to pass message about the struggle of the people he lived with in the South of

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