Disadvantages Of Democracy

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Anthony Uzuazokaro Virginia Jarrell English 1304 4/22/15 It is considered the purest form of democracy in the world today. It is a way for average citizens like you and I take care of public issues instead of leaving it to representatives. In this form of democracy, citizens literally rule themselves. This system of democracy today is the most prominent form of democracy where citizens vote yes or no on specific laws listed in the ballot. This form of democracy is direct democracy. Compared to representative democracy where the involvement of adult citizens is highly restricted, this form of democracy greatly requires a widely and direct involvement of adult citizens in the political decision-making and these votes determine the actions to be taken. As a result of this people worry whether this form of democratic government is the best for a state because they fear that citizens will not be able to make wise choices when it comes to political decision-making. In practice, this form of democracy takes a variety of forms, but the primary ones are the initiative and…show more content…
The employment of direct democracy produces a more attuned citizenry. Citizens are given detailed information about political affairs and they know the issues, relative facts, policy alternatives and their consequences. Direct democracy increases the political knowledge of citizens and this results in a positive educative value. This empowers citizens to want to develop a greater understanding of politics. Direct democratic procedures lead to greater social integration, which contributes to a stabilized political system. On the negative side, the structure of direct democracy is sometimes slightly deceptive in that there are a few options for amendments when the public has made a decision. Due to this factor, the ballot initiative process becomes an option to helps keep the good and minimizes the
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