The Importance Of Late-Stage Democracy

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America is a democracy; some people may hold an opposite opinion, but the facts hold true that we live in a democratic society. We are a nation ruled by the people and as a nation we strive for equality. There is democracy and then there is late-stage democracy. As a society, we want to avoid late-stage democracy because according to Andrew Sullivan's article Democracies End When They Are Too Democratic, late-stage democracy turns a country into a tyranny. Late-stage democracy occurs after time, the longer a society is democratic the more democratic it becomes (Sullivan 1). With that being said, late-stage democracy is inevitable, the question is merely when will it happen? A tyranny can be compared to a dictatorship; a cruel and oppressive government. One thing is clear, a tyranny does not just form. For a tyranny to take over a tyrant (a cruel ruler) would first need to make a move. Sullivan's claim that America is on its way to a tyranny is a huge possibility. His claim is plausible because in America everybody is becoming equal, the internet and technology in itself is fueling democracy, and Donald Trump is leading a social movement whether he knows it or not. To begin with, American citizens are becoming more and more equal. Women are making advancements that were…show more content…
There are many issues with technology, but only a handful pertain to democracy. Access to the internet now gives any and everybody a platform to express their views. This is not always a bad thing, but when uneducated people express their views it leads to uneducated arguments. In other words, people post just to post, they do not seek to change their mind or hear a new perspective they post to argue. Most posts are uncensored/unfiltered; therefore, everybody has the freedom to say what they please. Having the ability to post your opinion goes back to having equality; thus, it also speeds up late-stage

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