Short Story: Laughters And Tears

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Laughters and tears From a small town, there was a boy named Raju whose family was known for their generosity despite being indigent. He was puppy fat kid with oily and white ski, his blue eyes were deep like an ocean, the pink and downturned lips explain his sadness, his forehead was shining like a sun along with a blonde hair. His mother worked round-the-clock for to ensure their survival as well as to graduate Raju from a sophisticated school. The school where the rich people send their kids. School infrastructure gave the outlook of authentic British architect especially the blood-red bricks, some parts of the architecture were white like snow. The blood red describes the sophistication, discipline, strictness of the school whereas the…show more content…
Because of that it causes his clothes to tear, during Physical training lecture his clothes got tired, and everyone on the ground started laughing, he was very embarrassed and wanted to leave the school immediately. After some time he doesn’t mind kids laughing at him, he also starts making fun of himself, and at that point, he realised that he is destined to be a clown. When he reaches home and tells his mum what he wants to become he grows there is pin drop silence in the room. Then her mother slapped and said, “You are not going to be a clown because your father was a clown now he is dead”.Raju’s life came to a standstill. Time just fly by for Raju. After school, he was unable to find a job. He, fortunately, got a job in a circus as a clown and he becomes very famous when her mother got to know she went to watch the show. While she was looking at the show her son went on a very high platform. She realised his son was going to perform the same stunt as his dad which lead to his father's death. Her heart started pounding. The moment when her son jumped she screamed and died on the spot due to a heart attack. When the son got to know that her mother’s died, he became melancholy; The show was on he couldn't express his pain even when he saw his mother dying, the audience ignored Raju's, agony and grief, he didn't let anyone in the hall know his wretchedness. People were clapping in the theatre and enjoying his performance, no one in the theatre was aware why Raju was crying in different ways, sometimes tears came from his eyebrows, sometime from his poped nose even his cachinnate laughter but real tears from his heart were unseen, all were enjoying with his performance. No one could feel his trauma what he had undergone, nor they have seen even miss to notice the tears behind his
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