Foreign Labour In Canada Essay

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Canada is a country that depends on immigrants to improve its economy and population. Immigration always has great influence on the size and growth of the population in Canada. In order to arrive at a conclusion several factors has to be discussed such as labour shortage, economic impact and productivity, social aspects, and policies adopted. With more opportunities arising on Western side of Canada, one solution to labour shortage is foreign labour. One good example is Giusti Group one of Western Canada’s largest construction companies. Mr. Giusti CEO of Giusti Group said “There is a boom, and there are few qualified people. Most of the jobs are done with unqualified people and improper workmanship. I would say lousy workmanship — and for a huge amount of money.” The job openings are more, but the shortage of skilled labourers is a major issue. The expanding oil industry and other big companies near Western side are…show more content…
Contemporarily, a huge amount of population in Canada is old aged people, according Canadian policies senior citizens are exempted from extra taxes. Hence for the government to get more taxes they need to woo more young immigrants between ages 20-30. The results in Bégin, Goyette and Riddell (2010) show that young immigrants who are less than 30 years will earn 27 percent more than other groups, so more earning means more tax returns to the government. Another key factor for the economy is how well the immigrants will do in Canada. Being proficient in language, education, extra work experience in Canada and arranged employment offer are added benefits. Bégin, Goyette and Riddell (2010) find that having an AEO at the time of landing is the factor that affects the earnings of immigrants the most. One year after landing, federal skilled (immigrant) workers (FSWs) who had an AEO at the time of landing earn 74 percent more than those who did not have one. Above facts actually zeal the immigration in

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