Essay On Poverty And Unemployment

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Poverty and Unemployment is a world-wide problem that affects one billion people around the world.For Poverty from the 6 billion people in the world , 1.3 billion earn less than 370 US dollars a year . Most of the poor people live in emerging economies as Africa , Asia and Latin America. Unemployment affects all countries all over the world as many students in schools and graduates from university cannot find jobs , even if they find one they are unskilled to have this job , It is the main reason for Poverty. Economic growth is one of the macroeconomic aims to any country and it is the main aim to reduce unemployment and poverty.Structure change is a complex, intertwined surprising event. It should be emphasized that any destruction of the process to do with structure great change can have outstretching effects on undergone of money and goods growth and development, and condition of being poor copies of smaller size. ( Osinubi 2005 : 250 ) This theory has been supported by number, order, group, line of based on experience studies on undergone growth and the newly making great industries interests, money, goods of societies, which let be seen an unchanging say no to of the statement of part-owner of work in farming part,…show more content…
In Section 3 , We will discuss about Unemployment , How economists define Unemployment , What are the types of Unemployment and What are the causes of Unemployment. In Section 4 , We will discuss about Economic growth and the definition of Economic growth , Factors affect Economic Growth and The measurements of Economic Growth . Then , We will recognize the role of Economic growth in reducing poverty and unemployment in Emerging Countries , The role of Government Decisions in Economic Growth and the effect of Economic growth on HDI & GDP per Capita . Moreover , We will see some case studies in some
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