Immigration And Refugee Board Analysis

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Canada being a well-rounded multicultural country has to face important factors to maintain its stability in all aspects to uphold the quality of living for each individual in the country. In 1869, the federal government passed the first Immigration Act, which initiated the basic framework of the Canadian immigration policy. This opened doors for newcomers to migrate. The previous 1976 Immigration Act was substituted in 2001 when the federal government presented the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. This new act was much similar to the previous; however, it had higher demands for eligibility when it came to business immigrants, skilled immigrants, and refugees. The issue of management of immigration and refugees in Canada is a constant…show more content…
The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is an administrative tribunal responsible for hearing and making decisions on a wide range of immigration-related issues and cases. It starts by making a claim then deeming if it is eligible and if it has a credible basis in the initial hearing. Then stage two is the refugee determination hearing where the individual is able to become a Canadian landed immigrant. This process is to ensure that Canadian immigration security stays in control at all times. It is mandatory for the persons immigrating to have a background check in order to confirm authenticity in this process in the future. The IRB reports to Parliament through the minister of citizenship, multiculturalism and immigration is recognized in law as being independent of the minister, with the power to change CIC…show more content…
Moreover, security control and demographic pressures are controlled to maintain a stable flux of immigrant rates and make sure everyone has adequate needs. In the public sector management, I have learned that there are many services available by crown corporations to help control the immigration and refugee concerns. The government provides Canadian newcomers with community centers and services to help ease the transition into the Canadian environment. The public sector management allows the control of the immigration issue by creating programs and control factors to enhance the transition of newcomers into Canada as well as keep track of who is allowed to come in. In order to attain control over the influx of immigrants the government has corporations that provide social services, security, language barriers, housing, immigration legal and scanning

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