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With so many ways to gain information in today’s world, how are we supposed to know exactly how accurate the information portrayed really is? We have the internet, the newspaper, magazines, social media, the news, and so many more ways in which we receive information and knowledge. In order to fully know the truth and accuracy of the popular source, we must do some research of our own. Popular sources tend to exaggerate, leave the actual important information out, and cut out the majority of the primary source. Popular sources use these tactics in order to please the public, meet size requirements for columns, and stress what they personally like or dislike from the primary source. In the popular press, there are many sources based on human development. A Developmental Psychologist, someone who studies the growth and development of humans, must be able to cross-reference these popular sources with the primary sources and determine their accuracy. Popular vs. Primary Source Due to the number of psychological topics, it wasn’t difficult to find a popular source that incorporated one of these topics. The difficult part began when searching…show more content…
In our course, we have covered the topic of sensitive periods while learning about the times of development within the first few chapters. Another topic related to this is critical periods, which are times where stimuli are necessary for development, and if not present before period elapses, may not be able to recover those developmental characteristics. Sensitive periods are much more lenient and allow for a chance of development after the period ends. These topics are important for the study of psychology because they allow for development and growth due to timing and stimuli within the

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