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Unfortunately, the weather in Korea is getting worse and worse, it gets below negative 10 degree every year and only 2 days of sunlight; their humanity is nearly extinct. They are freezing to death like gods are having election; nobody can survive the cold if they are struck outside. Only people survive in the shelter with heat in it. There are no clouds but wind. In Jeju Island the hottest place in Korea. The flares, in theory, were set up to alert the people that the cold is coming again is now useless. The sky is starting to get dimmer like the whole world is starting to end and face extinction. The temperature is getting colder and colder like 3 times the coldness of north pole. The whole street is like so quite even if a needle fell we can hear it from a thousand miles away. The building is frozen well falling apart due to the extreme coldness. There are bodies around the building and streets everywhere in and out of the cities. Their body are frozen and hard as rock. We can see their horrifying face while frozen. Now all the humans and all kind of living things live under the ground to stay away from the cold. Even if people doing their business in the toilet have to buttoned up while in dead sprint to get away from the cold. In Gangnam river (Korea Seoul famous river) have been frozen and became solid. The boats and…show more content…
The roads are also like a skiing course track because is so slippery. In jungu-gu a place near the airport but you have to cross a bridge to get their bridge has collapse. The airport is empty all the plane park there all have been left Is the grave for planes. All the ports in Korea have also been the grave yard for ships and little boats. In busan the second most populated city in north korea is not been the most underpopulated city in north korea the train station is now like an open museum for

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