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Abstract The present report is going to focus in one of the most relevant problems of our modern society: food insecurity. Natural hazards, famines or shortages, but also is bad management from some governments that destroys their food availability and their consequences, countries without food security creating ravenous hunger within their population and strategies to counter food insecurity are key topics that are going to be taken out in this report. 1. Introduction Food insecurity is the situation that affects every person that doesn’t have a safe/secure access to aliments. This affects about 10.7% of the world’s population [over 795 million people] (FAO, 2015) and is provoked by multiple factors such as the lack of food availability,…show more content…
Countries with the highest index of food insecurity Countries affected by food insecurity Continent Country/ies Undernourished (Millions of people) Undernourished (% of population) Africa Horn of Africa 70 42 Asia South Asia 281.4 15.7 Latin America Caribbean 7.5 19.8 Oceania Papua New Guinea 40 3.2 Europa Ukraine 1 19 Nowadays, some countries in the world are passing through prosperity, meanwhile others are badly. These countries are most likely to be underdeveloped and meagre countries, with very little, or any education; causing a poverty cycle. Some others are countries that are experiencing food shortages or famines. Figure 1: Horn of Africa Horn of Africa is a grouping of countries that involve Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea, these countries’ food insecurity can be attributed to a number of issues. Drought and conflict are the main factors contributing to extreme food insecurity. While drought and other natural disasters, predispose people to food insecurity, they do not necessarily the lead to large-scale undernourishment. During the 1998-2000 Eritrean-Ethiopian war, left both countries with a lack of skilled agricultural workers, and because there was a widespread presence of land mines on the ground it meant that the plots were ruined (FAO.

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