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The SGT or SSG is a very important role as a small group leader because they are the first line supervisor for everything a soldier may need. The NCO is there to help develop and guide the soldiers to where they need to be, as well as teaching them all they can about their job, the military, and other resources they may need to help develop themselves while in the service. As a small group leader you should be well informed and knowledgeable in your job as well as military tactics. Since training is the number one goal of a small group leader it is imperative that they know exactly what they are teaching so that they do not misguide soldiers in the wrong information. Teaching soldiers about their MOS will help them be more effective in…show more content…
Since discipline is one of the most basic responsibilities for all soldiers the SGL is there to ensure that soldiers maintain their discipline. Soldiers who are not disciplined can bring down moral in the unit as well as make the unit look bad. The small group leader also makes sure that soldiers know the proper customs and courtesies so that they remain professional within all the ranks of the military. The small group leader is also the first line supervisor to the soldiers. If the soldiers need anything whether it is personal or professional the small group leader is there for them. They can help the soldier enroll in any army program they may need or want to use. As well as be there for the soldier as a counselor or a friend. The small group leader will always be there to help the soldier with any needs they may have. However being a small group leader isn’t just about the soldiers they are over. The position also helps the NCO learn and develop how to manage themselves as well as a group of soldiers. Being a small group leader helps the NCO develop leadership skills as well as the process of going about and doing things with his soldiers. Being put in charge of soldiers helps reflect all that he knows and has accomplished by how well his soldiers do

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