Why Is Julius Caesar Important

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The Emperors of Rome The Roman Empire had its fair share of being ruled by excellent and deranged emperors, some of its notable emperors being Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Caligula and Nero (the crazy emperors), Trajan, and Constantine, but out of all the emperors who was the most historically important? Based on the criteria of whether the emperor was militaristic, popular, administered a good bureaucracy, expanded the empire, and helped improve the economy, I believe that Trajan has successfully acquired the standards. Trajan was known and seen as a caring and an incredible ruler overall, earning his spot as the most crucial. Starting with the bottom of the list, Caligula and Nero, also known as the “crazy emperors”. They had a lot…show more content…
The famous dictator that paved way for the beginning of the Roman empire is ranked in third place, disregarding the fact that he is the most notable ruler of the empire. Julius Caesar had to climb his way towards ruling, but seemed fairly easy for him due to his outstanding talent of being “a great speaker” and being able to charm his way towards claiming positions in the government and large crowds. Wealthy man Marcus Licinius Crassus (“Crassus”) took this as an opportunity to “team up” with Julius and use Julius face and his wealth to obtain money. Eventually, General Pompey decides to team up with the duo and the trio form the “First Triumvirate” and ruled Rome together. Julius was one of the greatest generals in history. This title was established during his conquer in Gaul where he proved that “[w]hen battling foreign enemies, Caesar was ruthless” which allowed him to conquer other areas, adding on to his qualities as a dictator. When Julius did become the sole ruler of the empire he was quick to reform the empire. “He established order”, “gave full voting rights to the inhabitants of his former province south of the Alps”, and “resettled many Romans in new homes in the Roman provinces and reformed the calendar” this benefitted the empire greatly and many admired Julius for his change in the empire. However Julius Caesar took advantage of this high power for “[h]e stuffed the Senate with allies, and required the same body to grant him honors and titles”. An example being Julius declared “dictator for life” by the Senate, much to the dismay of the Senate and the citizens. Many feared that Julius would be lead down the road to declaring himself king and was assassinated by Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius Brutus. Julius is arguably one of the most famous people in history, from providing the basis for the Roman Empire to his civil war against Pompey, but is only ranked at third place because he
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