Pros And Cons Of Great Lake Wolves

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People have a varying range of what they think the population of Great Lake wolves in Wisconsin is. Many people’s guesses would range from 2,000-5,000 wolves. However, the guesses would be incorrect. As of 2014, (Richmond) there is between 660 to 689 Great Lake wolves in Wisconsin and it is on the decline due to the hunting of wolves. Should we continue to hunt them or should we save the beauty of this creature? Richard Thiel has always had an interest in wolves. Richard and some of his buddies went to the Wisconsin-Minnesota border and snow-shoed some of the old fire lanes that loggers used to use. They were up there for one reason. To try and find some Great Lake wolves. Many Great Lake wolves would cross over into Wisconsin every once in a while, leaving tracks here and there but not very much to learn things about the Great Lake wolves. Many scientists believe Great Lake wolves have territories and that they will not travel outside of them. Most of these territories are around 150 square miles. Great Lake wolves can travel up to an estimated 50-60 miles per night. Great Lake wolves are very territorial. It is very…show more content…
This year there was 116 Great Lake wolves killed in Wisconsin. In 2013 there were 257 Great Lake wolves killed and in 2012 there were 117 killed. On December 19/2014 a Federal Judge has declared Great Lake wolves as endangered again. So this stops all wolf hunts and trapping in not only wisconsin but in nearby Minnesota and Michigan. Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have combined to kill over 3,700 Great Lake wolves have been killed. Michigan has had one wolf hunt and only 22 great lake wolves The term Great Lakes wolves include timber wolves and grey wolves. Many people fear that more Great Lake wolves will be killed illegally then before. Many people think that Great Lake wolves are a nuisance. In reality they are very good for the environment in certain

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